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Golden Llama Productions


Kuoda Travel is the #1 luxury tourism agency in Peru, specializing in customized tours for it's clients. With Kuoda as our co-producers, we filmed this viral travel video to show the beauty and character of Peru. This film has become an official National Geographic Short Film Showcase, has been featured by Lonely Planet, Passion Passport, the Peruvian board of tourism & embassies, UNILAD Adventure, was nominated at the 2018 NAB Travel Video Awards, and has been honored with a Vimeo Staff Pick. We have also filmed projects for them in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Northern Peru.


This film was commissioned by the Czech Tourist Authority to showcase the magical and luxurious possibilities of visiting Czech during the winter holiday season. From the Christmas Markets to UNISCO heritage sites like Český Krumlov, it was our goal to capture more than just Prague and show that this country has a lot to offer during a winter visit.

We wanted to feature a variety of businesses from fine dining, to luxurious hotels and spa’s, as well as cultural activities and castles in the countryside. We had less than a week to prepare for this shoot and find businesses willing to collaborate and despite this short turn around time, Tourism Czech Republic was very happy with the film we delivered to them.

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This film was made as a passion project to show the magic of visiting Morocco. It has been featured by Nat Geo, BBC World News, Morocco Board of Tourism, The Huffington Post, Condé Nast Traveler, Passion Passport, and currently has over 220k views on Vimeo and also has been awarded their coveted Staff Pick. 

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‘I Dream of Ecuador’ was made as a campaign proof of concept for the Ministry of Tourism in Ecuador. After a year of negotiations and political issues within the ministry, the larger production was abandoned. We are proud of this idea and the work so we have since released this spec version of the film on our own as a “love letter” to the country. The film has gained a huge following online with extremely positive comments from the Ecuadorian community and around the world.

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'Valleys in the Sky' takes you on a journey to one of the highest altitude and least populated regions in the world, located in the Indian Himalayas.  Experience the beauty and magnificence of this remote area and witness the incredibly rare celebration and arrival of his Holiness the high Lama, to the small town of Mudh for the first time during "this life's incarnation". This film has been featured by Wire Magazine and was an official selection at the Finisterra Tourism Festival in Portugal.



This project has been featured by National Geographic and was an official selections at the 2018 Finisterra Tourism Film Festival.

If a country's wealth were based solely on the kindness and character of its people, Portugal would be one of the richest countries in the world. Portugal is a land that thrives off delicious wine, mouthwatering cuisine, awe inspiring architecture and music that will touch even the most hardened of souls. We spent a month traveling from Porto in the north, down to Lisbon in the south. While in Porto, we had the good fortune of witnessing and celebrating Portugal's win of the 2016 Euro Cup final. In Lisbon we got to watch master tile painter Cristina Pina create beautiful handmade works of art. Portugal's tile work is a gift to the world and can be found all across the globe. For six hours we were serenaded by Fado music at A Tasca do Chico. Wednesday nights are open mic and the best night to go. We ate Nata and Bifana on the streets of Alfama and indulged in delicious fruits from local markets. We were mesmerized by Sintra, which has more magnificent castles and palaces than we could count. But none of this compared to the people. It was the people that made Portugal great and it is my hope that this video shows as a love letter, how amazing we think the people of Portugal are. 

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